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NewsCaster (English Version)

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Product Overview

NewsCaster is a B2B online news syndication service that allows content holders to distribute and monetize the articles they produce (news, entertainment, politics, sports, video, photos) by offering subscription based services for content websites.

How it works

The server facilitates news article management and uploading of news and multimedia content by the content holders. Client implementations are branded to integrate into existing websites and allow small agencies to supplement their news offerings and expand ad revenue.


Clients can also use this service to publish their own content making it a content management system as well as a news syndication service. The product is in initial roll out with Agencia EFE (USA / Spain / Latin America) who is using the system to sell content to their news affiliates.

They currently have over 30 subscriber websites (including Telemundo, Miami Review, TeleMedellín, EntraVision) that are using the service to serve over 500,000 articles. The service has on average over 225,000 unique visitors and serves almost 3 million articles per month.

Target clients:

Online news aggregators, newspapers, magazines, television networks, sports magazines, and independent news organizations.

Contact sales@ikuna.com for more information